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Introducing The Mintable for Managers
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The Mintable gives managers training they're actually excited about

The Mintable is a community-based learning and growth platform for ambitious managers. We work with HR, L&D and executives to solve one of most pressing needs of today’s businesses – developing great managers.

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Real-time insights that take the guesswork out of management

managerOS gives managers actionable insights and guidance so they can focus on the right skills to develop and better engage their team members.​

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Manager training & tools that actually work

Practical, cohort-based learning programs and tools that build and reinforce the soft skills managers need every day.

The Mintable Community for managers

Ongoing support from our global community of managers​

Our community of 1000+ ambitious managers connects leaders to the support, inspiration and advice they need to navigate the tough situations that come up day to day.

Mintable managers are confident, effective leaders

After completing our 4-week manager training accelerators, Mintable managers say:


“I am more confident”


“I am more effective”


“I have a better relationship with my team”


“I feel better positioned to advance in my career”

Everyone benefits when managers grow

The Mintable Managers

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Everyone benefits when managers grow

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