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The Mintable partners with HR and People teams to give managers the training, insights, and community they need to succeed – freeing them up to focus on other urgent business needs.

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Develop high-performing managers with the right soft skills to lead

The Mintable gives managers the right training and tools to become effective, resourceful leaders equipped with the necessary skills to develop and lead high-performing teams.

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Increase the bandwidth of your People team

The Mintable eliminates the hassle of training scheduling and admin, and our learning programs run monthly in global timezones. It’s never been easier to get your manager enablement programs up and running so you can focus on what makes your company special.

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Get the insights you need to create a thriving manager culture in your organization

The Mintable gives HR teams regular attendance, feedback and effectiveness reports – enabling you to understand if what you’re doing is actually working.

What we offer

Training & tools

Practical, live, cohort-based learning programs and tools that build and reinforce the soft skills managers need every day.

Realtime insights for HR teams by The Mintable


With managerOS, The Mintable gives managers real-time, actionable performance insights so they can continuously improve.

Community for HR by The Mintable


Our global community of 1000+ managers connects managers to the support, inspiration, and advice they need on an ongoing basis.

Mintable managers are confident, inspiring leaders

After completing our 4-week manager training accelerators, Mintable managers say:


“I am more confident”


“I have a better relationship with my team”


“I am more effective”

Discover how HR & People teams are partnering with The Mintable to develop high-performing leaders


Learn how Hostfully is ramping new managers 20% faster with The Mintable.



Discover how Gusto has developed more confident, empowered leaders.

Great Wrap

See how Great Wrap has fast tracked new manager development.

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Unlock your most powerful performance lever – your managers

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