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managerOS is an AI-powered insights machine that gives managers real-time feedback to help them learn and grow.

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managerOS: Like a fitness tracker, but for managers

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To perform at their best, managers need frequent insights and guidance so they can continually improve. But until now, they’ve only received feedback every 6-12 months. When they do, it’s backwards looking and hard to action. That’s why The Mintable created managerOS.

managerOS actionable feedback in the moment

Actionable feedback – in the moment

managerOS taps into data from 1:1s with direct reports and calendars to capture meaningful insights about a manager’s interactions with their teams as they happen, rather than anecdotally.

managerOS personalized AI coaching for managers

Personalized AI coaching for managers — 24/7

Managers receive personalized AI-coaching based on their actual performance, helping them continuously improve and become the high-performing leaders your organization needs to succeed.

managerOS developer high-performing leaders

Develop high-performing leaders

With real-time awareness about their strengths, patterns, and blindspots, your managers can focus on making the improvements they need to develop effective teams, meet targets, and retain talent.

managerOS seamlessly integrates with your workflow

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Step 1

Integrates with Zoom and Google Meet

managerOS joins a 1:1 via video call and records the audio.

Step 2

Real-time insights

The transcript and speech recording are run through our insights machine. Soon after, the manager receives a notification that their insights are ready!

Step 3

Calendar integration

Integrate with your tools to get even more personalized coaching.

Step 4

Trends & analysis

Managers can see how they’re doing over time and move the needle with personalized AI-coaching.

We take 1:1s and managers’ privacy very seriously

As long-time managers and leaders, we know how sacred 1:1 interactions are to managers and their direct reports. Every 1:1 should be a safe, collaborative, and productive space.

That’s why we take a firm stance: we do not weaponize 1:1s. Unlike regular video conference software, we take steps to protect your privacy. Here’s how we do it:


Managers, direct reports, and their organizations do not have access to the recordings or transcripts of 1:1 meetings.


We only process and store data for insights creation and machine learning purposes in a secure and confidential manner, applying the principle of least priviledge.


The Mintable uses enterprise-grade best practices to protect data.


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