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Manager wall of LOVE

Brandon Boyle
You think you're going to wake up one day and know how to be a manager but you don't. I had nowhere to learn this skill set. There wasn’t a playbook or a network when I started managing people. But now with The Mintable, there is.
Brandon Boyle / Senior Sales Manager @ Brex, Austin
Michelle Yanez-Olivares
Excellent, clear and concise content with practical takeaways. A real bonus was the opportunity to speak with peers experiencing similar challenges, build rapport and exchange knowledge.
Michelle Y / Head of Community, Sydney
I feel soooooo unbelievably confident and clear in my role and what good looks like and my team fricking loves me right now!
Lauren Capelin / Principal @ Startmate, Sydney
I find both the pre-reads and the live sessions very helpful. I've been a people manager for almost 20 years and while some of the content is familiar, I appreciate immediately putting into practice what we cover. Normally, we learn about "how to lead" but The Mintable has been able to package it up nicely and deliver it in a clear, concise, and organized way. I really love the templates and how-to content, and deeply appreciate the reflective work.
Natoshia Clinton / Senior People Business Partner @ Hover, San Antonio

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