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Motivation Map: Find meaning in what you do

Perhaps you are in a professional rut (symptoms include: restlessness, frustration, and burnout). Or maybe you are rethinking life after a big change (layoff, move, kids, etc). 

Most of us immediately go into solutions mode. “Which new project or team can I take on?” or “What new job or company should I move to?”. Ultimately, these may be the right questions to ask. 

However, we recommend first reflecting on who you are as a person and understanding what motivates you. We spend so much time at work that, in a sense, how we work is how we spend our life. So it follows that what you do in work should ideally match what you want to do in your life. 

To guide this reflection, we’ve created a 2-step Motivation Map. Step 1 will help you reflect on your values, what energizes and drains you, and what motivates you. Step 2 will help you align your motivations to your work. This may mean shifting things around in your current role and company; or it may mean finding a new path. 

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