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Manager enablement: to build or buy?

As anyone who works in Learning and Development can tell you, the laundry list of requests has grown longer in recent years, particularly in the area of manager training and development.

For these lean teams, there’s not enough hours in the day, week, or even the year to handle all of these asks in a way that’s high quality and sustainable. Inevitably the business comes to a crossroads: is it best to build internally or partner with an external vendor to train and develop leaders?

To help, we’ve pulled together this practical checklist of tips from seasoned L&D leaders at Salesforce, Caribou, and The Mintable. By sharing their unique perspectives gained from years of experience, our aim is to give you a framework to help you navigate this tricky question and ultimately enable your team in the best way.

In this eBook you’ll discover how to:

  • Create a decision tree
  • Get the budget approved
  • Set yourself up internally to successfully work with a partner
  • How to source the right vendor (and ensure your program’s success)

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