Case Study

Hostfully ramps new managers 20% faster with The Mintable

Industry: Tech
Number of team members: 70
Location: 100% remote, with team members in Argentina, Canada, France, Ghana, India, Poland, Turkey, United States, Uruguay, Turkey, Vietnam 

Hostfully is a rapidly growing, award-winning property management platform that helps vacation rental managers scale their hospitality worldwide.

The technology company has more than doubled in revenue over the last two years, and headcount over the past year, and has invested heavily in building an employee-first culture. As a result, the Hostfully team is passionate and enjoys a great work-life balance, with a perfect employee NPS score of 100 for 8 consecutive quarters to prove it.

As the team continues to expand, new people managers are instrumental to growth. They make up a large percentage of the overall workforce and heavily influence the experience of the team’s individual contributors.

CEO and Co-Founder Margot Schmorak quickly realized that to maintain the company’s incredible people-first culture and high levels of employee satisfaction, Hostfully’s managers needed to be trained with the right skills and processes to ensure a consistent, equitable environment across the board.

Enter The Mintable.

The challenge: new managers needed training and support, taking a major toll on executive leadership

New managers with little experience needed help

Hostfully’s ranks of managers were growing quickly, many of whom were promoted from individual contributor roles with little to no management experience, or recruited with varying levels of experience. It quickly became clear that they needed to be trained with the right soft skills to lead – like, how to set expectations and give effective feedback, and how to manage stakeholders. In fact, many of Hostfully’s managers were taking the initiative and asking for help.

No standardized approach to global manager training

Hostfully recognized that they needed a standard definition of “this is how you manage direct reports”, featuring the same words and norms, in order to create an equitable environment for all employees distributed globally. This would require standardized policies and documentation which Hostfully’s team did not have the bandwidth to roll out quickly.

No time or dedicated resource

With no HR team, and only one person (who was already stretched incredibly thin) focused on enabling new managers, the Hostfully team just didn’t have the time or capacity to solve this high priority problem. Training new managers fell to the management team, diverting precious time and energy from growth and hiring.

Why The Mintable?

Margot was interested in finding a way to provide her team with on-demand, intensive manager training with ongoing support and resources. She discovered The Mintable which looked to be a fit, and decided to give it a try!

Hostfully trialed outsourcing their manager training to The Mintable with a few managers and Margot, in her own words, was “completely converted.” Now, The Mintable is offered as a benefit to all managers, enabling Hostfully to demonstrate their high level of care for employees and build a strong sense of loyalty across the team.

The solution: The Mintable ramps managers 20% faster and frees up leadership to focus on urgent priorities

New managers are ramped 20% faster

With The Mintable, Hostfully has a standardized manager training program and is able to get new managers trained and up to speed 20% faster. It also gives Hostfully the ability to service the global team with training that is consistent across the company.

High-performing managers with the right skills to lead 

The Mintable has given Hostfully’s managers the right training and tools to become high-performing, resourceful leaders equipped with the necessary soft skills to lead and develop their own teams. 


With training taken care of, exec leadership gets precious time back

The Mintable has relieved Hostfully’s leadership team of the burden of training new managers, which has left them more time to solve more urgent business problems and focus on recruiting. 


And with The Mintable’s cohorts kicking off each month in different timezones, they don’t have the administrative hassle of constantly scheduling new managers. The Mintable takes care of it.