Love letter to managers

Dear managers,

Congratulations on being a manager (or becoming one soon)! We think you have the best job on earth.

We’re biased, but hear us out:

  • You get to empower team members to perform at their best
  • Your investments help teammates advance in their career and achieve life goals
  • You have big impact on company performance and culture
  • You grow and work through challenges
  • You’re on an incredibly meaningful career path with countless opportunities ahead

The thing about truly great managers is they aren’t just a title. They don’t act like nouns. They are dynamic. All verb. Doing a million things, really well, all at once. Which means it can be intimidating, lonely, confusing, and overwhelming to become one.

We don’t recommend going on this journey alone. All too often, managers do. That’s why we created The Mintable.

Who are we? We’ve managed and developed managers for a long time at leading unicorn tech companies. We’ve made mistakes, some days it feels like we barely survived, but mostly we’ve thrived. We get what it takes to be great.

Why us? Most manager development is focused on the learning. But after the training? No one is around to help you with the tough stuff. The doing. That’s why we’re delivering this experience as a platform and partnering with managers for the long haul. It’s why community is a cornerstone from the start. It’s why our ambition is to automate your work and put you in control of your days.

When you succeed, we succeed. So we’re here to accelerate your growth through learning, community, and focus.

Let’s GROW!

Mel & Lauren
Co-Founders @ The Mintable