The Mintable raises US$5M seed round led by Blackbird to develop great managers globally

SYDNEY/DENVER, June 8, 2022 – New startup The Mintable today announced that it has raised a US$5M Seed fundraising round led by Blackbird to develop and support new people managers globally. The Mintable is a community-based learning and growth platform that gives managers the training, community, and tools to succeed. Some of the world’s fastest growing companies including Notion and Gusto are already using the platform to invest in their manager talent.

Prior to this seed round, The Mintable also raised a US$980K pre-seed funding round, backed by Treble Capital, Black Nova, Startmate, and a set of incredible angel investors.

The Mintable was founded by Lauren Humphrey and Melissa Miller – seasoned operators with experience at global mission-driven, unicorn start-ups like Gusto and Brightwheel – to solve the wide-spread problem of ill-equipped people managers, which presents challenges for both managers and the companies they work for. According to research, 87% of managers wished they’d received more training when they first became a manager (Grovo), and 50% of workers leave their job to get away from their manager (Gallup). Additionally, nearly 8 in 10 Managers say they need the training to be better managers for remote and hybrid work (TenSpot).

“We’ve been in the trenches as first-time managers and spent a decade developing managers at fast-growing unicorn startups, and it always drove us crazy that we couldn’t find relevant content that actually addressed the day-to-day challenges of managers in a practical way,” said Lauren Humphrey, CEO and Co-Founder at The Mintable. “No one is solving directly for people managers and combining learning with doing. The Mintable has been developed through a mixture of science, research, and most importantly, real-life experience and gives managers battle-tested content that they can use from day one.”

“The Mintable is tackling one of the most painful organisational problems that exists – management is an incredibly challenging job, and the reality is that great managers are not born, they are made. There hasn’t yet been the right solution to help them grow,” said Michael Tolo, Principal, Blackbird. “The Mintable is ideally positioned to solve this very real need and is already delivering meaningful impact to managers around the world. Lauren and Melissa are at the forefront of innovation in this space, thanks to their practical approach, deep experience, and sheer passion for helping managers grow.”

“Before launching we interviewed more than 230 managers to understand what’s really broken,” said Melissa Miller, COO and Co-Founder. “The findings were consistent – in addition to practical help, managers are desperate for connection with other managers to talk through their experiences, problem-solve, and exchange ideas. That’s why we’re delivering this experience as a platform both for companies looking to support their people, and for managers who want to invest in themselves. We’re creating a community where managers belong to support them over the long-haul.”

Following its founding in 2021, The Mintable has launched a virtual learning accelerator for brand new people managers, Manager Foundations, and has already trained more than 600 managers from some of the world’s fastest growing companies. Following the four-week program, managers self-report that they are 95% more confident, 96% more effective, 88% say they have a better relationship with their teams, and 93% feel better positioned to advance in their careers.

“The Mintable has been an incredible resource for our growing manager community. The program helps to develop the soft-skills that are essential to being an effective & inspiring manager,” said Maryanne Caughey, Chief People Officer, Notion.

The company is now expanding their offering with membership packages available to both individual managers looking to accelerate their careers and talent-minded organisations investing in their teams. In the second half of 2022, they also plan to launch an AI-powered solution to help managers improve their one-on-one meetings with direct reports.

The fully remote company has built a world-class team of talent located across Australia and the US, and most recently appointed global product leader, Marie-Claire (MC) Dean, as Head of Product. MC has more than a decade of experience in UX, product strategy, design leadership, organisational design and culture, and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Human-computer interaction. MC joins The Mintable from Google, where she spent four years leading UX for urban mobility in Google Maps globally. Prior, she spent six years at Atlassian. As Head of Product at The Mintable, MC will be responsible for building out AI-powered offerings to empower managers globally, leveraging her strong design background to ensure the product will be design-first from the ground up. She will also be tasked with scaling an exceptional product organisation.

Prior to the most recent seed round, The Mintable also raised a US$980K pre-seed funding round, backed by Treble Capital, Black Nova, Startmate, and a set of incredible angel investors.

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About The Mintable
The Mintable is a community-based learning and growth platform for ambitious managers. We give managers the learning, community, and tools to succeed (so everyone else can too). Mintable Managers feel 95% more confident, 96% more effective, 88% believe they have better relationships with their teams, and 93% feel better positioned for career growth.
The Mintable community is made up of talented managers from the world’s fastest growing companies, including Eucalyptus, Heaps Normal, Dovetail, Gusto, Deputy, Rupa Health, Notion, eWave, Decent and Sonder.


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