Manager Moment – Stacey Scheliga, HR Partner @ AgriWebb

One of the best parts of my job as Head of Community at The Mintable is the opportunity I get to speak with our community of Mintable Managers based all over the world. Each one comes to the table with a unique way of approaching their role inspiring their teams to do their best work.

In this new series, Manager Moment, we’re taking a moment to shine a spotlight on one of our Mintable Managers, to celebrate their stories, share the real stuff they’re navigating and learn more about their life as a manager.

First up, we had the pleasure of speaking toDenver, Colorado-based Stacey Scheliga, HR Partner at AgriWebb.


MYO: Who is your favorite manager?

Stacey: Kristin Hodge. Kristin led with trust, empathy and firmness. She allowed me to live within my skillset, gave me the freedom to sail and try again and always told me it was OK to make mistakes.

MYO: What has been your greatest challenge as a manager?

Stacey: Finding my own voice when I felt silenced. I pride myself on helping others to find their own voice, at times I wish I had someone to guide me to find my own voice. I just wanted to take my own advice and be my own advocate. I came to realize that it’s ok to toot my own horn. If no one is celebrating you, it’s ok to celebrate yourself.

MYO: What’s your favorite leadership or management book that you’d recommend for other managers?

I love books and always take notes so I have something I can refer back to. Legacy by James Kerr is by far my favorite book for managers. There are so many golden nuggets here. I buy it for my team. If you don’t love it I’ll buy it for you. My two top lessons are the first one: character – sweep the sheds. Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done. And a very close second would be authenticity – know thyself.

MYO: What is your favorite part of The Mintable so far?

Stacey: The Community – 100%! It’s super important as management can seem like a lonely island. We all love and desire a sense of community. We share the same questions and concerns. If you have something you can lean into it doesn’t seem too lonely. We won’t feel so alone and lastly, when we’re successful you team is successful’.

MYO: Any final reflections on management?

Stacey: Leadership has always been something I’ve taken pride in. I’ve been in management for over a decade. I have grown over the years, I wouldn’t have been here if I didn’t have teams and leaders that pushed me to grow. I fully believe in managing up and managing down. I utilize every opportunity to continue my growth.

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