Top 7 podcasts for managers 🎧 (vol. 1)

When managers join The Mintable, our cohort-based training is just the start of their development. They also become a member of our global community – a place they can go when they’re dealing with the tough day-to-day stuff. It’s basically a brains-trust of ambitious peers with the advice and resources to ensure their learning journeys never end.

The best part? We’re sharing some of their secret sauce with you. We recently asked our community for the best podcasts they recommend for managers. Read on to discover their top 7 podcast reccos and start subscribing.

#1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss entered our collective consciousness with a bang when he released his best selling book, The 4 Hour Workweek. Little wonder his podcast is catnip for managers looking to stretch themselves. Ferriss interviews masters in their fields (from scientists to chess pros and everything in between) to deconstruct the tools, tactics and tricks to their success.

“My advice is to go through the list of episodes/guests and find some relevant to your interests or career and take advantage of the wealth of useful and interesting knowledge,” says Adam Bottega, Head of Design @ Team Form.

#2. How to Take Over the World

This might sound like a podcast for megalomaniacs (and hey, maybe it is) but it’s certainly a must-listen for anyone interested in how to achieve greatness. How to Take Over the World analyzes the lives of some of the greatest known people to ever live. We won’t sugarcoat it, some baddies are in the mix too (cough, Putin) but the lessons to be learned are universal. This podcast is especially useful for managers thinking about how to put their powers to good versus evil. Go forth, listen and prosper!

“Start with the Walt Disney episodes!” recommends Andrew Whiteman, Sales Manager – Enterprise @ Thryv.

#3. Engaging Leader with Jesse Lahey

Engaging Leader is the definition of a podcast built for managers, by managers (just like The Mintable!). Its episodes share resources and advice on every leadership topic imaginable – from How to Engage a Remote Workforce to Great Interview Questions Before You Hire – this podcast is a veritable buffet of management skills ready to be devoured.

“Engaging Leader has an awesome library of listens about leadership and management. The episodes on Engaging Generations are not to be missed,” – Michelle Yanez-Olivares, Head of Community @ The Mintable.

#4. The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett

The Diary of a CEO gives managers direct access to the inner-workings of not only Steven Bartlett (a successful young entrepreneur)’s mind but also to those of his guests. He interviews people successful in their fields, from sports stars to business leaders. Become a fly on the wall for in-depth conversations that will help you hone your managerial instincts.

“Our favorite podcast at nDeva is the Diary of a CEO. If you’re not across it, check it out. So many great conversations.” Kris Owens, Partner @ nDeva.

#5. How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I Built This is an old faithful for many of the podcast-addicted. Guy Raz interviews some of the best known entrepreneurs in the world. But it’s not all tales of triumph and success. Each episode dives into the gnarly underbelly of what is required to really build a business. Expect the good, bad and the ugly in every episode, each of which is a masterclass on how to build a team.

“Founders often seem like these unicorn-esque people and I love how Guy humanizes them. And so many are also first-time managers and have brilliant stories to share about their experiences building and motivating strong teams. And the best news, if you’re just starting to listen now, there’s a massive back catalog of content waiting for you!” Katie Higgins, Head of Marketing @ The Mintable.

#6. 30 Minutes to President’s Club (30MPC)

If you’re a Sales Manager – pay attention! This podcast is designed for your ears. In every episode of 30MPC you’ll learn three actionable tactics within the first five minutes of listening, all of which are designed to get you and your team directly into the “president’s club” and regularly at the top of your company’s leaderboard. This podcast is more than just an easy listen, it’s a drill session in sales. Strap yourself in.

“They release pure gold.” Brandon Boyle, Director, Enterprise & Mid-Market Sales @ Brex.

#7. Grit with Joubin Mirzadegan

Another suggestion from Mintable Manager Brandon Boyle, Grit is hosted by Joubin Mirzadegan, go-to market operating partner at Kleiner Perkins, a venture capital firm investing in history-making founders. Needless to say, Mirzadegan knows his stuff when it comes to identifying and championing people, and the skill set any great manager needs to conquer. In each episode he interviews leaders he has identified as pushing their companies to make a difference in the world.

Now your phone is packed with great listens, it’s time to put those ear buds in and let the inspiration flow!

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