Discover our Q1 Power Hour lineup

Last year, The Mintable launched a brand new live learning feature for managers – Power Hours. Today, after receiving awesome feedback from both our manager community and the HR teams supporting them, we’re excited to introduce our brand new lineup of Power Hour topics for Q1.

Back up, what’s a Power Hour?

Power Hours are practical, highly-focused, 60-minute sessions that teach managers the skills and tactics they need to have a positive impact during key moments in the employee lifecycle – think 1:1s, team meetings, hiring, onboarding, retention, and offboarding.

Why focus here? An employee’s interaction with their manager at these key times can impact performance, engagement, wellbeing, culture, and, let’s face it – the number of HR fires you have to fight.

We’ve designed Power Hours so that they meet the needs of busy managers and make relevant training turnkey for HR and L&D teams of all sizes. Put another way – we wish we’d had them when we were leading teams at high-performing companies.

How do Power Hours work?

We now offer a standard set of Power Hours covering the topics that are relevant to managers year-round (see exact topics in the next section), giving them high-impact skills they’ll use with their teams every day. These sessions will run live at least once per geography (AMER, EMEA, APAC) each quarter.

We also offer seasonal power hours on topics that come up at specific times during the year and that are significant in the employee lifecycle. We run these sessions based on commonly accepted business cycles so they’re as timely and relevant for managers as possible. Our seasonal topics include:

  • Onboard your employees
  • Respond to engagement surveys
  • Prepare for performance reviews
  • Offboard your employees

All sessions are recorded and offered to our Mintable Managers so they can access them asynchronously whenever they need to. They’re taught by expert facilitators and are community-based, so managers get to join a global group of peers navigating similar challenges and opportunities.

Brand new Q1 Power Hours topics

In Q1, we’re pumped to bring managers a brand new set of standard Power Hours topics that will run quarterly. See below for a breakdown of each topic, and upcoming sessions dates:

Nail your 1:1s

1:1s are a manager’s best tool to support, empower and connect with their employees. In this session we’ll share our tried, tested, and true best practices to help managers nail their 1:1s and boost employee engagement overall.

Upcoming sessions:

  • EMEA | Jan 24 – 4PM GMT
  • AMER | Jan 24 – 8AM PT | 11AM ET
  • AMER | Jan 30 – 3PM PT | 6PM ET
  • APAC | Jan 31 – 10AM AED

Build psych safety & trust

Psychological safety and mutual trust are the foundations of effective reporting relationships on teams. In this session, we will cover how to build psychological safety and trust on a team in moments that matter and in the day-to-day.

Upcoming sessions:

  • EMEA | Feb 14 – 4PM GMT
  • AMER | Feb 14 – 8AM PT | 11AM ET
  • AMER | Feb 15 – 3PM PT | 6PM ET
  • APAC | Feb 16 – 10 AM AET

Create a culture of feedback

Feedback is crucial to building a successful team. And while all employees claim to want more feedback from their teams and managers, many of them are nervous to give or even receive it. In this session, we give managers the tools they need to start building a culture of feedback on their teams. Because if feedback is ingrained in how you work day to day, it becomes second nature.

Upcoming sessions:

  • EMEA | Feb 21 – 4PM GMT
  • AMER | Feb 21 – 8AM PT | 11AM ET
  • AMER | Feb 22 – 3PM PT | 6PM ET
  • APAC | Feb 23 – 10AM AET

Practice inclusive management

In order to bring their full selves to work and be engaged, employees agree that feeling a sense of inclusion and belonging is key. That confidence in individual belonging is essential for teams to innovate and collaborate. In this session, we give managers new inclusive management skills to practice and implement on their teams.

Upcoming sessions:

  • EMEA | Mar 7 – 3PM GMT
  • AMER | Mar 7 – 7AM PT | 10AM ET
  • AMER | Mar 8 – 3PM PT | 6PM ET
  • APAC | Mar 9 – 10 AM AET

How do managers register?

For Mintable Managers on our AdvanceMint plans, you have access to unlimited Power Hours! You can register for each session via the links in The Mintable platform.

Are you an HR or People partner of The Mintable but not sure how to get your managers involved? Reach out to [email protected] and our awesome Customer Success team will get you started.

And lastly, for HR and People leaders who are not customers of The Mintable but want to get your managers trained on these all-important topics, reach out to our team and get a demo of The Mintable to get started today.

P.S. Missed last year’s sessions and want to catch up? Get the recaps here: Get prepared for performance reviews and effective employee offboarding