[Webinar recap] HR “Non” Priorities: What seasoned People pros are not focused on in 2023

It’s noisy out there for HR and People teams right now. Every week, a new headline or buzzy trend hits LinkedIn about where HR and People teams should be focused – notably, the “greats” (resignation, reshuffle, refocus), the “quiets” (quitting, firing, etc), the four-day work week… the list goes on.

It can feel impossible just to fight the daily fires as well as to somehow build a strategy that drives actual impact for your teams.

To help, in our latest webinar we brought together a group of legendary HR folks to share how they’re avoiding these alarmist headlines and where they’re actually focusing in 2023. Our co-founder Mel Miller led a conversation with Katie Evans-Reber, Chief People Officer at Gladly, and George Ho, CEO and Co-Founder at Vityl, and HR professor at Georgetown and USC.

Watch the full webinar below and read on for the highlights.

Key highlights

[5:59] Katie and George cover the HR trends and headlines they’re not focused on, or just plain old ignoring.

[13:40] Katie talks about how she keeps her ear to the ground to make sure she’s staying on top of what’s being talked about, and can make an informed decision about how to react and respond.

[15:53] George covers how he draws on his HR philosophy when surrounded by opinions and pressure.

[19:23] George shares the advice he gives his HR students who are prepping to enter the profession.

[22:57] Katie walks through the fundamentals she’s focused on in 2023 at Gladly to create a place where folks feel like they’re accomplishing both their professional and personal goals.

[27:37] George shares his thoughts on how organizations can balance a high-performance culture with delivering a great employee experience.

[37:55] Mel wraps up with the takeaways that stood out:

  • Don’t get swept up in the latest LinkedIn craze. Put a timer on your LinkedIn usage!
  • Be thoughtful in your response to trends and stay consistent in delivering on the fundamentals. Even if employees see changes in how you’re responding, they won’t feel that abrupt if the same through line exists.
  • Develop your own HR philosophy to anchor yourself to.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the webinar!