The Mintable Methodology: how we built Manager Foundation

Welcome to The Mintable! In this post, we cover who we are, how we developed our program, and the outcomes we deliver for managers. 

The Mintable leverages cohort-based learning to create a safe space for growth and hold managers accountable

  • Over years of developing managers, co-founders Lauren Humphrey and Mel Miller learned that managers want to learn with peers facing similar challenges.
  • Growing as a manager doesn’t just require skill-building. It also requires reflection, unpacking bad habits learned through experience, and discussing the emotions that come with influencing and working through other people.
  • Our co-founders have previously offered online learning courses and learning management systems (LMS) to teams. What they found were low adoption rates and complaints that the content was too abstract and disconnected from the work.
  • Here are some pieces that support cohort-based learning:

We developed our program through a mixture of science, research, and, most importantly, real-life experience

  • Our co-founders have successfully managed 1000s of employees and developed/trained 100s of people managers. They know first-hand what it takes to apply science in the modern work environment.
  • Lauren studied Psychology at Harvard with the likes of Shawn Achor, Tal Ben Shahar, and other leading organizational, behavioral, and applied psychologists.
  • Most recently, Mel led a team of 250 with 24 managers at Gusto. She also developed and ran manager development programming.
  • Our Head of Learning, Trisha Duffy, has her Masters in Learning and Organizational Effectiveness and has worked at leading organizations in L&D and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) roles. She leads our accelerator programming.
  • Lauren and Mel conducted >100 user interviews with managers, HR/People leaders, and Executives to understand what managers need to succeed. Rather than playbooks to carry out specific scenarios, it became clear that managers needed:
    • A practical framework for what good management looks like
    • What we call ‘first principles’ soft skills – that is, the building block skills to work with and through people across all interactions
  • Manager Foundation was formed through this powerful combination of science, theory, and experience and has been systematically improved based on feedback from customers.
  • You can see some of their feedback:
    • “You focus on the stuff that matters.”
    • “I selected a 10 🙌 So I’ll use this space for extra props. My breakout buddy and I yesterday specifically called out how we appreciate you breaking down processes/habits that we’ve habitualized, but we’ve never written out. A lot of the material we’ve gone over seems intuitive, but there’s so much power in breaking it down and making a plan to ensure things don’t get lost.
    • “The Mintable has been doing a great job outlining how to be a great manager in digestible pieces – I don’t feel overwhelmed! I also enjoy the combination of interactive live sessions, breakout rooms, and independent review materials.”
    • “The Mintable runs at a very comfortable pace, and doesn’t ask too much of you. Being able to absorb helpful information without heavy tasks but keeping us awake with small chunks of discussion is personally perfect for me”.
    • “I find both the pre-reads and the live sessions very helpful. I’ve been a people manager for almost 20 years and while some of the content is familiar, I appreciate immediately putting into practice what we cover. I really love the templates and how-to content; and deeply appreciate the reflective work”.

One of the biggest insights behind The Mintable is that managers want tangible, practical content vs leadership quotes and high-level concepts

  • The reason our methodology is so effective is that The Mintable takes concepts and distills them into practices that can be performed tomorrow.
  • The Mintable isn’t just a learning platform, but rather a platform where managers can tap community and tools to support behavior change after the training.
    • For example, in Week 1 we cover the topic of awareness. Much has been written about self-awareness as a key strength of great managers. However, this remains an abstract topic in most sessions. We integrate awareness into our customers’ days by having them complete a map of their stakeholders. This is the people they need to work with to succeed. Not only does this raise awareness, but it also leads to concrete actions to improve their effectiveness.

As long-time operators, outcomes are important to us

  • We capture net promoter score (NPS) to measure the overall experience of managers and the degree of trust they have in us (our most recent NPS is a 84 compared to HBS 61).
  • We also track session attendance and self-rated assessments of The Mintable’s impact on 4 key areas:
    • 95% – of managers say, “I feel more confident as a people manager”.
    • 97% – of managers say, “I am a more effective people manager”.
    • 82% of managers say, ” I have a better relationship with my team”.
      89% – of managers say, ” I feel better positioned to advance in my career”.
  • We are committed to finding new ways to measure outcomes and improve our impact.

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