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Introducing Power Hours: give your managers the skills & tools for the moments that matter

At The Mintable, our manager training focuses where managers have an outsized impact on their teams and the performance of your business. The first focus area is when managers are making leaps in their own development, like when they’re promoted from Individual Contributor to Manager. Our four-week, cohort-based accelerators, Manager Foundation and Manager Progression, give managers the core soft skills to succeed at those inflection points, and the tools to implement them after the training. 

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Introducing Manager Progression: our brand new learning program for more experienced managers

Here at The Mintable, we partner with HR and People teams and executives to give their managers the training, tools, and community to succeed – so that everyone else can too. One of the core parts of our offering is practical, cohort-based learning programs.These programs build and reinforce the right soft skills managers need at stages of the management journey.

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The Mintable raises total US$6M led by Blackbird to develop great managers globally

Today, the team at The Mintable is thrilled to announce big news:
  • We’ve raised a total of US$6M in funding led by Blackbird
  • We’ve hired an AMAZING Head of Product, Marie-Claire Dean, who joins us from Google and Atlassian
  • We’ve launched a brand new platform and we’re expanding our membership offerings available to both individual managers looking to accelerate their careers and talent-minded organizations investing in their teams.
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