The Mintable is featured in the AFR: Blackbird-backed, global start-up raises AU$6.8M to train new managers

The Mintable was recently profiled by Tess Bennett, technology reporter with The Australian Financial Review.

In the article, The Australian Financial Review explores the challenges new managers face and the lack of adequate support and training. The piece highlights the experience of managers from one of The Mintable’s fast-growing customers, Australian-based Eucalyptus. All of the managers from Eucalyptus joined The Mintable in 2021.

Key takeaways:

  • The role of people manager has never been more complex – with the pandemic, remote/hybrid, global teams, and increasingly agile work – and there is a great need for manager-focused development.
  • The Mintable helps managers with key skills, such as providing employees with feedback and finding the right balance of personal care.
  • The Mintable acts as a partner to companies like Eucalyptus, Sonder, Dovetail, Notion, and Gusto and also supports ambitious, individual managers, who join from top companies around the world.

Read the full story in the Australian Financial Review here. 

Explore highlight snippets below:

Management is an incredibly challenging job, and the reality is that great managers are not born, they are made. There hasn’t yet been the right solution to help them grow.

We’ve been in the trenches as first-time managers and spent a decade developing managers at fast-growing unicorn start-ups, and it always drove us crazy that we couldn’t find relevant content that actually addressed the day-to-day challenges of managers in a practical way.

I went into a one-on-one with one of my direct reports the week after the training and I caught myself moving into over caring. Having that awareness from the training was really useful to step back and assess what I am actually doing in those situations.

“When you’re an inexperienced manager you don’t know how to deliver feedback in such a way that the person receives it, hears it, understands the intent and then goes away and changes their behaviour positively.

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