Introducing Manager Progression: our brand new learning program for more experienced managers

Here at The Mintable, we partner with HR and People teams and executives to give their managers the training, tools, and community to succeed – so that everyone else can too. One of the core parts of our offering is practical, cohort-based learning programs.These programs build and reinforce the right soft skills managers need at stages of the management journey.

We launched Manager Foundation last year to focus on the first inflection point in that journey – the transition from Individual Contributor to People Manager. Foundation arms managers with the skills they need to build relationships and set each team member up for success: Who are my stakeholders? How do I care for my team? How do I set clear expectations and give quality feedback?

Today, we’re really excited to announce the launch of our brand new manager training program – Manager Progression – designed for more experienced managers. This means we’re able to offer HR & People teams more training options so that you have coverage for your entire management team, no matter what their experience level.

Watch the video to discover more and read on below.

What is Manager Progression?

Manager Progression is a 4-week, cohort-based accelerator program that builds upon the content delivered in Manager Foundation. Where Foundation focuses on point-to-point relationships, Progression focuses on managing team dynamics, and influencing and owning more responsibility across the business.

Who is Manager Progression for?

Manager Progression is designed for more experienced managers at the next inflection point in their management journey. They’ve been in the role for 2-3 years, have taken on more responsibility and reports, and may be facing more complex and increasingly cross-functional management situations.

What skills does Manager Progression help managers build?

In Manager Progression, managers will hone their skills in prioritization, operating cadence, team building and culture creation. Some of the specific topics we cover include:
  • Become a prioritization pro
  • Get the most out of your team meetings
  • Reinforce company values & create team culture
  • Embrace good conflict and manage “bad” conflict
  • Master motivation and appreciation
Managers are already taking Progression and the impact is really exciting. After just 4 weeks, Mintable managers are improving communication and team structure, better prioritizing, motivating their top performers, and becoming even more confident leaders.

How can I enroll my managers?

We’re welcoming managers for our next cohorts now. If you’re a current customer, simply talk to your Customer Success Manager. And if you’re new to The Mintable, it’s simple to get started. Easy peasy – request a demo and our team will be in touch ASAP.