Introducing Power Hours: give your managers the skills & tools for the moments that matter

At The Mintable, our manager training focuses where managers have an outsized impact on their teams and the performance of your business. The first focus area is when managers are making leaps in their own development, like when they’re promoted from Individual Contributor to Manager. Our four-week, cohort-based accelerators, Manager Foundation and Manager Progression, give managers the core soft skills to succeed at those inflection points, and the tools to implement them after the training. 

The second place managers have outsized impact is in key moments during the employee lifecycle. An employees’ interaction with their manager at these key times can impact performance, engagement, wellbeing, culture and let’s face it, the number of HR fires you have to fight.That’s why we’re especially excited to launch our latest feature for managers – Power Hours.

Power Hours give managers the skills and tools for these moments that matter. They’re practical, 1-hour live training sessions led by expert facilitators. Power Hours are now included in our AdvanceMint subscription, along with community, tools, and content. 


Reasons to love Power Hours

We’ve designed Power Hours so that they meet the needs of busy managers and make relevant training turnkey for HR and L&D teams of all sizes. Put another way – we wish we’d had them when we were leading teams at high-growth companies.

Here are some of the reasons they’re awesome:

  • The topics we cover rotate with business cycles and what’s happening in the world, so they’re super timely and relevant
  • Power Hours are taught by expert facilitators, so the content is delivered in an interesting and easily digestible way
  • They’re community-based, so managers get to join a global group of peers navigating similar challenges and opportunities
  • As with all of our learning, each session is practical and comes with a set of tools so managers can adopt what they learn
  • We offer Power Hours at a variety of times so managers can choose an option that fits in with their busy schedules.

Our first two Power Hours are ready for your managers to join

Effective Employee Offboarding

  • US: Wed Nov 2 @ 3pm PT | AU: Thur Nov 3 @ 9am AET
  • US: Wed Nov 9 @ 2pm PT | AU: Thu Nov 10 @ 9am PT

Handling layoffs, redundancies, resignations and terminations can be anxiety inducing and extremely challenging to execute. During this Power Hour, we’ll prepare managers to handle any offboarding process by prioritizing empathy and clarity.

Get Prepared for Performance Reviews:

  • US: Wed Nov 16 @ 2pm PT | AU: Thur Nov 17 @ 9am AET

Sitting down with your direct reports to review their performance is a BIG conversation. During this Power Hour, we’ll set managers on a path to success as they prepare to have performance review conversations with their teams.

HR & People leaders – want to ensure your people managers are trained to manage these hugely important moments in the employee lifecycle? Request a demo of The Mintable and get started today.